THE 3 F's


In baseball you want to hit the ball as far as possible, a home run.

In tennis, you hit the ball while keeping it inside the lines by FEELING it across the strings. The longer the brushing contact, the longer the FEEL.

To this purpose, you track and FIND the ball as if catching it with your hand, then catching it with the strings. The most efficient movements for the body are rotational, and a loose grip will let the racquet accelerate efficiently and with little force needed.

Acceleration* is accomplished  by changing the racket direction into pulling it above the shoulder and backwards. Thus the FINISH is most likely the most important part of the stroke, a reminder that rather than pushing forward, you bend the arm and pull your hand back. This FINISH is reinforced by pointing the butt* of the racket to the intended placement of the shot or as if taking a photo of such.