Introduction Part 2

One of the most marking things I learned is how top players rely on “knowingness” or what could be called the recall of “feel” for their best performances, while on explanations of their success they opt instead for banal concepts that more align with what is commonly taught.

The link between the spiritual world and the physical realm in this sport has never been lucidly explained. There were various attempts to do so, including the overwhelmingly popular The Inner Game of Tennis. Inner Tennis seemed to fulfill this hunger for knowing the realities of the inner spirit, the soul, the being that never dies but continues on through lives.

It’s interesting how many top players transcend this chasm to produce their best results, the barrier where most humans, at least in the occidental world, stop.

This is a book that aligns the person’s nature, spiritual and physical, and the realities thereof with increasing ease.

We could call feel and instinct the computations of the spirit, and mechanics those movements of the body and computations of the mind.

Aligning those has been the real “secret” of the ages in any endeavor, in any sport.

Even further: the key to the game is what the player does with the hand in those milliseconds of contact with the ball. Top players move the ball on the strings while powering it, thus catapulting the ball with incredible spin and speed quite accurately into the opponent’s court.

They are so focused on that instant of contact that they seem not-human, while the opposite is true. They are exploring the limitless realm of the human spirit, a Zone that we all aspire to achieve in more life activities and sports, a goal as old as mankind’s existence on this planet and beyond, an approach to native state.

This book does that for tennis, freeing the spirit, the soul, to direct the physical to perform to the best of the human body’s abilities, and creates a form, a technique that is so personal, such a discovery of self, and of one’s feel while observing the result, that although conforming to the realities of the physical, they transcend the limitations of thought!